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Coping With Illness During the Holiday Season

by Andrea Chervenak


The holidays can be a challenging time if you are also struggling with illness. Having survived 10 very difficult holiday seasons, here are some suggestions to help you make the most of this holiday season!

1.  Accept the physical and emotional limitations of your illness.  Resentment won't change anything, other than to make you feel worse than you already do!

2.  Don't be tempted by unhealthy foods - if you want your body to heal you need to support it with proper nutrition.  Before you put something in your mouth ask yourself, "will this make me stronger or make me weaker?" 

3.  Don't overdo.  You want to do it all...but honor your body, and don't push.  Recovering from an energy deficit can take a long time to recover from.

4.  Make sleep a priority.  We often underestimate the power of a good night's sleep. (Read our article on Sleep Disorders for sleep tips)

5.  Keep your focus on the blessings you do have.  When I was a kid and would complain my dad would remind me, “there is someone who has it worse than you.”  Every time life seems to be getting the better of me, I remind myself of this and I start focusing on the things I am grateful for – it always helps!

6.  Use visualization to see a positive outcome to the holiday season.  Create a picture in your mind of you feeling great, having fun, enjoying whatever activities you are able to  participate in.  I am a believer that “if you want to be it, you have to see it!”  There is a very powerful connection between the mind , body & spirit!

7.  Meditation is a wonderful way to destress and create an environment of peace and calm around you.  I find a One Minute Meditation throughout the day very helpful for soothing frazzled nerves before they get the best of me!

8.  Show the same patience and love to yourself that you would to someone else who is in your situation.

I pray that next year you will be able to look back upon this time as a period of growth and renewal, and that the future holds nothing but peace, health, and joy for you and yours.   ~ Andrea   (Read My Story)

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