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Compact Fluorescent Bulbs: A Health Hazard?

My Story
by Norma L.

Eight years ago I began suffering from a debilitating vestibular condition that has increasingly affected my daily life, and to which traditional medicine has not been able to provide answers.  As I search for healing I have done a lot of research, and have learned a great deal about my body and how things in our environment and society can affect it in ways I never suspected.  
One of the most substantial findings is the damaging effects that CFL's, (compact fluorescent lights) can have on the body.  I suffer with severe reactions when exposed to them, and have had to alter my life substantially because of the abundant use of these bulbs in our world.  I am forced to limit my time in stores, restaurants, Dr.'s offices, as after a few minutes I begin feeling severe pressure in my head and chest.  The muscles in my legs begin to throb, my arms get very itchy, my vision blurs, and I can become disoriented.  My life has become extremely challenging.
I have written this article to shed some "light" on the subject of the new CFL energy efficient bulbs.  Though they are touted to be energy efficient I want people to know that they can be harmful to one’s health! It is my belief that they should not be used, under any circumstances – there are safer alternatives.

We all must start making a conscious effort to make more eco-friendly choices.  I do, however, have a problem with the energy efficient compact fluorescent bulbs that are being marketed.  I do not feel that they are being fairly represented to the public – in actuality they are a health hazard. There is quite a bit of research on the web to explain in detail all of the problems associated with these bulbs and I have indicated two sites for your information.:


Many physicians agree that these bulbs can cause significant problems for individuals suffering from Epilepsy, and can increase the risk of seizures.  They also can cause problems for those suffering from migraines, vertigo, and other disabling conditions.  Some of the other illnesses that are exacerbated by the use of these bulbs are Lupus, Diabetes, Muscular Sclerosis, eczema, dermatitis, Xeroderma Pigmentosum, photosentitivy, and porphyria.

The other issue with the bulbs is the mercury content.  Mercury is a highly toxic substance, and the public is not being properly educated about the correct disposal of these bulbs, and the correct clean up when breakage occurs.  The content of mercury is being minimized; however, if the bulbs are not disposed of properly, the mercury will wind up in our landfills, in our groundwater, and destroying the earth that we are trying to save. 

The amount of mercury in each individual bulb may be minimal; however, with the quantity of bulbs that will be used around the world the level of mercury will be substantial.  There are other alternatives.

GE has been working on an energy efficient incandescent bulb that they are hoping to market in 2010.  They contain no mercury, are energy efficient, and will not cause all of the health concerns I’ve mentioned.  There are also CLED bulbs that do not contain mercury and are also energy efficient, but are a bit more expensive.  It is my belief that these are more appropriate choices,  and should be the only bulbs made available as energy efficient options.  The production of CFL’s should be discontinued immediately.

This is a very emotional topic.  For most people, they don’t understand the dangers that these bulbs can cause long term.  Individuals that may not have sensitivities to these bulbs right now may find that they will develop sensitivities to them when the exposure increases when these are the only bulbs being used. 

For me personally, these bulbs will and are devastating my life.  The government thinks that they are a quick and easy answer to a very serious global problem.  However, they are not a safe, efficient, answer. 

As you read some of the research you will find that there is much concern about the long term health issues that will become prevalent if this issue is ignored.  As with cigarette smoking and cancer, the issue was ignored and pushed aside for many years until finally someone finally acknowledged the link.  I want to stop this from happening with these bulbs before their use is widespread.  If we can replace them now with a safer energy efficient bulb then we can not only save our planet, but we can also protect ourselves from severe health conditions that CFL’s will cause.

I suggest you do your own research regarding this issue. The research I have done indicates there are many people that are affected by these bulbs and it is important for everyone to be aware of how these bulbs are and will affect more and more people.

Additonal information can be found at: www.emfsolutions.ca

Send your questions and comments to: andrea@HealWithHope.com
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