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Feng Shui Gifts for Attracting and Balancing Energy

by Donna Stellhorn,
Feng Shui Expert


In uncertain times creating a comfortable, prosperous home becomes more important than ever.  Home is a place to recharge and refuel and with the principles of Feng Shui you can attract new energy and balance existing energy.  And if we all have healthful, happy, prosperous homes the world will be a better place.   Here are a few ideas that combine Feng Shui principles with cheery holiday gifts.

When more energy is needed we can summon it to our door with bells or chimes.  Think of it as ringing a dinner bell to call energy.  The more energy that comes to your door then the more opportunities you have.  And the sound of the chime brings you energy to act on those opportunities.  Choose a brass or gold-colored chime to attract money opportunities.  It should be hung outside, near the front door, and high enough so no one bumps their head on it.  Choose a chime that is simple and plain, or one decorated with symbols to attract money such as Chinese coins.  As the wind blows the chime it sounds to call money opportunities to the door. 



When life is overwhelming and we feel we’re moving endlessly from one task to another there’s a need to balance the energies.  Sometimes it’s the house itself that creates these chaotic energies, or the neighborhood, like being situated near a busy street but sometimes it’s circumstances in the family that create an imbalance of the energy.  In cases of unbalanced energy we can bring balance back by using a cut glass, prismatic crystal ball.  Light goes through the crystal ball and shines a rainbow of colors on the walls, floor and ceiling.  It is a symbol of taking energy (light) and breaking it into manageable parts (the rainbow).  All the energy is still there it is just more balanced and beautiful.  Take a prismatic crystal and hang it a window or near a light and it will help balance the existing energy in that area of the house.  Use it in the kitchen if things have been chaotic there to help quell family arguments and bring family members together to help each other.  Use it the home office to make projects easier to complete and to get daily tasks done more efficiently.  Hang one in the area where homework is done to help students concentrate and finish studies with more comprehension.  In difficult areas hang several to balance the energy and when things feel better then the crystals can be distributed around the house. 

In Feng Shui we use objects to represent the energy you want to attract.  Some of these symbols come from Chinese thought and folklore but with the belief of billions of people over thousands of years these symbols have come to have power.  A pair of ducks represent a happy marriage or long term relationship.  Ducks mate for life (wolves do too but there is just as much folklore of the “lone wolf” so as a relationship symbol it’s kind of a mixed blessing).  Placing a pair of ducks on a nightstand in the bedroom next to a wedding ring (or replica wedding ring) attracts the energy of a loving, long term relationship.  Placing the pair of ducks near the front door attracts a brand new relationship.  Or placing the pair by a picture of someone special encourages a better relationship with that person. 

Candles can be used as a tool for focusing energy.  Choose a candle in harmony with the energy you want to attract; red candles for love, metallic gold for money, green for wellness, light blue for peace, etc.  As you light the candle make your special wish and hold that thought in your mind until you see some of the wax begin to melt at the top of the candle.  For a special and very economical gift find a pretty candle for a friend that is correct color for the energy they need.  Before giving the candle take it in both hands and say a little prayer or do a short meditation that whatever your friend wishes with the candle comes true.  This adds your energy to the candle.  Include a little note with the candle saying that when your friend lights the candle it will have the power of the two of you to help manifest your friend’s wish quickly. 

Are you finding it hard to feel hopeful and peaceful because there’s a wolf at the door? There is a lot of magic and energy work in simply cooking.  You mix water and flour and you get glue, you add sugar and eggs and you get cake, now that’s magic. In ancient times we knew the meaning and power of the food we consumed.  Sugar adds sweetness to life, cinnamon attracts money, clove brings protection, and pumpkin repels negative energy.  Making a simple pumpkin cake or pie with your own two hands brings the magic of those ingredients into your home.  Bringing homemade baked goods to friends and family brings them the magic too. 

While we in the West always equate diamonds with wealth (and diamonds are a great wealth attracting stone) in Feng Shui the mineral Cinnabar is used to attract money especially money connected to career advancement, business and investments.  Cinnabar is so popular that all the red statues of Buddha, dragons and lucky money frogs you see used in Feng Shui are simulating the red cinnabar stone.  Cinnabar can sometimes be hard to find but it can be found in rock and gem shops, and though sometimes pricey it is cheaper than diamonds.  Display Cinnabar specimens in the home office on the desk or nearby bookshelf to bring wealth through business or place a piece of Cinnabar on your resume to bring job opportunities.   

Things can get crazy during the holidays, especially a year like this when so many maybe experiencing hard times but if we can take a few moments each day and do something with intention then the holiday season won’t be an endless list of things to do, it will be a time when we can tap into the energy and bring ourselves and those around us more opportunities and more joy.


Donna Stellhorn is a Feng Shui expert, life coach and Astrologer.  She is the author of several books including Feng Shui Form and Sage & Smudge: Secrets to Clearing Your Personal Space.  You can contact her at donna@fengshuiform.com.  Also visit www.moonrisemagic.com for Feng Shui items like the Gather & Protect Wealth Bell, Lucky Energy Crystal, and the Mandarin Ducks with Ring gift set.  Specimens of Cinnabar are available at www.fengshuiform.com (quantities are very limited).  All the items come with instructions based on Feng Shui Principles. 

Heal with Hope readers use the coupon code “candle” and receive a 15% discount off of your entire order.   

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